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    Ensuring our local food supply through pollination.
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    We love beekeeping and are looking for people just like you to help us pass on our love!
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    Amazing new friends and a caring community defines the TCBA

Why get involved with TCBA?

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Lots of Products!

From wax to pollen and even honey there are plenty of products available for you to enjoy right from your own backyard!

Environmentally Friendly!

From nature itself, these nifty little creatures of the earth can do a lot of good! Most importantly keeping that pumpkin of yours pollinated so it comes in looking ready for that pie!


As the old saying states "a fed bee is a happy bee" and the good news is there is plenty off food around! These easy to care for animals leave plenty of room to spend time with many other activities!

Fun for all!

From a single hand to a family of ten there is plenty enough room for many people to get involved and enjoy the benefits from the bees and the community that thrives off them!


Concerned with safety? Worry no more! Beekeeping is a very safe and fun past time - one that will keep you entertained for plenty of years to come!

Add Character!

These friendly creatures can add livelihood to your backyard just by doing their own buzzing around - but imagine the design possibilities of the boxes!

A short about us

The Trumbull County Beekeepers Association, or TCBA as we like to call it for short, is a small association of individuals dedicated to beekeeping while sharing information on various ways to approch the lifestyle. The art of beekeeping fancies many, but for us, it is all reality and sometimes even our livelihood! We currently reside in the lovely Trumbull County with dreams of spreading across the land to bring in people of the same like-mindedness that we all enjoy. If you would like to help us, we urge you grab your membership today and enter the world of beekeeping! If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you! Just send us an email us or find us on social media!


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